Video Surveillance

Whether coax, Ethernet, or fibre, we supply, install, and maintain camera systems.  We offer a wide range of solutions, including analytics which can provide key performance indicators for your business.  Monitor your facility locally or via cloud based NVRs,  use video imaging to control access to your facility.  See and measure temperature with thermal cameras.

Intrusion Detection

Protect the perimeter, and interior, of your facility.  Be alerted of burglary alarms, and warned of any life safety alerts such as carbon monoxide, and smoke.  Systems can be remotely monitored via the internet, telephone line, or GSM.  You can sign up to monitor your space by a monitoring station, or you can have notifications sent to you.  Add to your intrusion detection system with our automation products, which can control the garage door, lights, etc.

Access Control

Control access to your building/office.  Grant or revoke access to individuals, and groups, include a schedule for access.  Totally customizable as per your requirements.  Utlize a cloud based access control system, you will not have to worry about maintaining a server.  Build reports which help with transparency.  Use your access control system to control other devices, such as gates, lights, HVAC, or simply disable the alarm system.  Ask us about our Bluetooth solution which allows you to control doors, and devices via your Android, or iOS device.

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