Data Centres / Critical Environments 

The appetite for bandwidth is constantly increasing in the Data Centre.  We understand the need for 40Gb and even 100Gb networks.  We have solutions for these types of requirements.

At BiTLEVEL we understand the importance of availability, and this is our mindset when working within Data Centre / Critical Environments.  Our goal is to install a robust cabling infrastructure which has a positive impact to your business, not only supporting your bandwidth requirements, but also keeping in mind air flow restrictions, electro-magnetic interference, and other environmental concerns.

Buildings / Office Space

Whether its backbone cross-connects, or peer to peer communications within buildings, from the cable media to the pathway route we are capable of installing, troubleshooting, new and existing installations. 

When it comes to the office space we recommend a 6A or OM4 infrastructure.  Your horizontal cabling will follow BISCI and TIA standards, supporting all your LAN requirements.  Our finished product is aesthetically appealing and functional for the office space.

Industrial / Building Automation Systems

From frequency, conductor, installation, jacket, and connector.  We install products which protect from vibration,dust, water, and other environmental concerns.  

PPE equipment and safety precautions are part of our standard, ensuring safety at your facility and for our technicians.


Racks, cabinets, cable trays, patch panels, are a few of the peripherals used in a cabling system.  We build support systems for cable paths, and provide products for cross-connects, telecom rooms, equipment, etc.  

PoE is definitely a game changer, a lot of today's low voltage and IoT devices are utlizing this technology.  We ensure the correct AWG is installed as per application.

Cable normally exhibits some level of capacitance. Capacitance in cable must be minimized.  Capacitance may be affected by improper cable installation. Because it is an important element of the cables characteristic impedance, changes in capacitance and inductance may degrade the quality of transmission through the cable.

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